“Rendez-Vous” with Erik

"Rendez-Vous" with Erik


This is a portait of my friend Erik Truffaz that I did a few days ago backstage after a concert.
I find difficult to take pictures of someone you know, it has to be faithful to the expressions, physical features and the soul that you have in mind and like most of the musicians Erik is always in motion, he doesn’t have any peculiar expression that I wanted to catch.
Among several shots I selected this one where he looks happy and peaceful like he oftenly is.
The treatment in chiaroscuro reminds Dutch portraits of the 18° and contrasts with the creativity of this jazz trumpeter who infuses so many elements of contemporary music into his compositions.

Erik travels a lot around the world where he gives many concerts and he comes often to Varanasi (Benaras).
His “love story” with the oldest living city in the world produced an album, “Benares” in 2008, my friend Gopal is proudly showing it in his little music store along the Ganges.

These are the links to Erik’s official websites:
And http://www.myspace.com/truffaz 
and to the cover of “Rendez-vous”:

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