Namaste and Thank you all (140 000 views)

Namaste and Thank you all (140 000 views)


This evening you are 140 012 Flickr viewers and 47 052 Ipernity viewers, I also had 18 780 visitors on my photo-blog on Worpress.
The tradition of having 10 000 more viewers here allows me to upload a picture of me.
This one was shot a few days ago at Hemis Gompa which is a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayan hills of Ladakh.

Thank you again to all of you for your kind comments and mails.
I really appreciate your support even if I can’t answer you as much as I would like because of the very bad internet connection here in Benaras and the many power cuts that we have to go through during summers.

Namaste all the way from Benaras where monsoon has reached tonight..

One Response to “Namaste and Thank you all (140 000 views)”

  1. this is a wondeful site, and the photographs and the words are a real treat. just landed here while searching for images of chai, looking forward to exploring more.

    all the best.

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