Wrapped in an Orange Veil


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“The majority of (painters), because they aren’t colorists, do not see yellow, orange or sulphur in the South (of France) and they call a painter mad if he sees with eyes other than theirs”.
Vincent van Gogh (Dutch Painter,1853-1890)

This is a view of the “oldest living city in the world” shot from Scindia ghat before sunset.
The city was wrapped in an orange veil that the holy waters of the Ganges were reflecting.
It doesn’t matter if it was not really orange, it was the hour of the eagles, when they are flying low, looking for dinner and telling me to pursue my golden dreams…

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One Response to “Wrapped in an Orange Veil”

  1. successdiva Says:

    This photo is magnificent! The veil of orange that usually would would give added added liveliness in the color spectrum still conveys a certain serenity as well. You are so gifted as a photographer!


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