Three Golden Realms


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Those three young Tibetan monks were climbing the staircase leading to the Mahabodhi Temple, the place of Gautama Buddha’s attainment of nirvana (Enlightenment), in Bodh Gaya (बोधगया), in the Indian state of Bihar.
I could feel a state of happiness everywhere, it was a perfect day…

In every culture numbers have a meaning, I was wondering what would number Three means in Buddhism and I saw those words from Rev. Jnana, a Zen Dharma Teacher, as he was evocating the role of numbers in communicating the dharma in a teaching titled “BUDDHISM IN THE NUMBERS”.
“The number Three invokes the “Three Refuges” in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, known as the Triple Gem or the Triratna.
Three is the triloka or the “Three Worlds” or the “Three Realms” of existence which are the Desire Realm, the Form Realm and the Formless Realm.
All Buddhas manifest themselves in “Three Bodies” or the Trikaya: the Truth Body, the Body of Bliss and the Emanation Body.
There are “Three Roots of Evil”, namely greed, hatred and delusion.
All negative states of consciousness are ultimately grounded in one or more of these.
The “Three Characteristics of Existence” are suffering (dukkha), impermanence (anitya) and no permanent self (anatman).
Most of the above teachings are found within the “Three Baskets”, or the Tripitaka, of the traditional Buddhist canon.
Not to ignore Zen, there are the “Three Pillars of Zen”: the constituent elements of teaching, practice and enlightenment.”

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2 Responses to “Three Golden Realms”

  1. Sameera Khan Says:

    Dear Laurent,

    I was about to write a blog on a story that my mother told me,when Aurangzeb put his own father under house arrest.I as looking for pictures & I stumbled upon your blog.I am mesmerized by your photography.The mysticism of these places,the soul was captured.You have a gift.Keep using it.


  2. Oh as I’ve been viewing this ‘golden’ images –and relishing every one–this one, this one with these children in motion–their joy–you catching all of this–this one–I ADORE–from somewhere deep within it strikes a golden cord.
    thank you

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