In the New Workshop



This picture was shot recently one evening the new workshop of my friend Durga in Varanasi (Benaras).

Durga Charan Das is a young painter living in the “City of Lights”.
When he was 4 years old he became famous after painting the feet of Goddess Durga’s statue in a temple nearby his family house in a village located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
Ever since he is considered to be the Mozart of Indian contemporary painting.
This reputation allowed him to become a successful Art student in the prestigious “Banaras Hindu University” (B.H.U.) of Varanasi.
The biggest university in Asia has a program led by some of the best Art teachers among modern India.
His training gave him a knowledge of classic Indian and European paintings while allowing him to carry on his own style.
He is painting amazing bodies making love or sometimes alone but always with sensuality and strength, with something special that reminds a lot of Eugene Delacroix’s work…
Durga has already won several prestigious awards in India and now exhibitions of his work are starting in Europe.

This is a link in order to see his portrait:…


One Response to “In the New Workshop”

  1. hi nice to know your passion about banaras i am also passionate about the city interesting if we can communicate

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