Raksha to ward off evil influences

Raksha to ward off evil influences


Every human being desires for supreme protection and freedom from obstacles. 
The ritual of Kankan Bandhan symbolises a divine promise for protection. 
Before any auspicious deed, a red and yellow, holy thread known as raksha (nada chhadi), is tied on the participant’s wrist, right wrist for a man and left wrist for a woman. 
The priest then prays for him : “O Bhagwan (God), protect him from obstacles and guard him from evil influences. Grant him long life and bless him with the fruits of good deeds.”
The cotton threads are always coloured red or saffron to signify the purification of flames.

I shot this picture in the little akhara (gym) which is at Scindia ghat along the Ganges and at sunrise the reflection of the sun in the holy waters allows to have a great natural light.

Manish is a young pehlwan (Indian wrestler) who comes here often before sunrise, he wanted to be in our catalogue and, among several pictures that I selected, this is a close-up of his hand.

The tablecloth in the background is from The RED HALO collection and it is made of pure linen with Aari embroidery.
Aari is a minute chain stitch done by a hook which is an adaptation of the cobbler’s awl, it is a very delicate and floral style of embroidery, influenced by Moghul designs.

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