Contemporary Tradition


© All photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved. Please do not use any photographs without permission (even for private use).The use of any work without consent of the artist is PROHIBITED and will lead automatically to consequences.

My photostream is showing my “ordinary life” in India, my work takes also part of this life.
This image shows a tablecloth made in our workshop in Varanasi (Benaras) with a model who is a young pehlwan (Indian wrestler) named Manish who accepted to pose for our new catalogue.
I took this picture at sunrise in January near river Ganga using the natural light from the sun which was reflecting in the holy waters.

We are working traditional artcrafts techniques with a very contemporary eye and this is what you can see on the tablecloth which is made of pure linen with Aari embroidery.
Aari is a minute chain stitch done by a hook which is an adaptation of the cobbler’s awl, it is a very delicate and floral style of embroidery, influenced by Moghul designs.
(RED HALO collection)

RED HALO is a collection of household linen based in Benaras (Varanasi – India) providing work to people who were living with difficulties and education to children.
“Like” the RED HALO page on Facebook and join this amazing human adventure in Varanasi,

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