Practice of Compassion

Practice of Compassion


“Whenever anyone causes us some problems, we get upset and angry about that.
This is our normal human tendency.
If we are careful enough, we can stop the causes of the anger and therefore stop anger from arising.
One’s feeling of mental unhappiness is the primary cause for arising anger.
This is due to our self-centered ego or attitudes.
The anger can be diminished by the practice of compassion and by searching for the solution to rid ourselves of this anger.
Our main problem is that we consciously increase the intensity of anger by feeding it through means of constantly thinking of how such and such people hurt me, or unfair, etc.
Because we hold these things in our minds the anger increases and increases.”
“The State of Mind” (transcript of a teaching given August 29, 1997 by Geshe Dakpa Topgyal)

Two monks were sitting next to each other on the stairs of the Tibetan temple located in Sarnath where I usualy come on Sundays when I need calmness and tranquility.
They were reading and chanting mantras, it was such a peaceful moment that I could almost feel the sound of silence.
It was at sunset, I was leaving the temple.
I took a few shots trying not to disturb them, the only noise was the click of my camera.

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