Calmness of Mind

Calmness of Mind

“According to Buddhism, our individual mind plays a very important role in
our day-to-day lives.
That means we can be much happier if our minds are calm, positive,
and undisturbed by negative thoughts and emotional feelings. We will be very unhappy and gloomy if our mental state is negative, unwholesome and disturbed.
So, it’s very important for us to cultivate the calm and wholesome state of mind and attitude so that we are able to live happily.
For example, if your mind is in a calm and wholesome state, you will find good taste
in ordinary water.
But if your mind is disturbed you will not even find good taste in champagne!
This is very clear for everybody, in the same way, all our pleasant experiences and unpleasant experiences depend on our state of mind.
So, now there is a reason for us to cultivate a calm and wholesome state of mind in our lives.
We cannot expect something simply to bring us happiness without cultivating happiness within ourselves”.
“The State of Mind” (transcript of a teaching given August 29, 1997 by Geshe Dakpa Topgyal)

Two monks were sitting next to each other on the stairs of the Tibetan temple located in Sarnath where I usualy come on Sundays when I need calmness and tranquility.
They were reading and chanting mantras, it was such a peaceful moment that I could almost feel the sound of silence.
It was at sunset, I was leaving the temple.
I took a few shots trying not to disturb them, the only noise was the click of my camera.

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