The Tibetan Buddha Ideal

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The ideal goal of spiritual development in Tibetan Buddhism, a Mahayana tradition, is to achieve the enlightenment (Buddhahood) in order to most efficiently help all other sentient beings attain this state.

Buddhahood is sometimes partially defined as a state of omniscience.
“Omniscience” relates to the Buddhist principle that all things are created by mind.

When, in Buddhahood, one is freed from all mental obscurations, one is said to attain a state of continuous bliss mixed with a simultaneous cognition of emptiness, the true nature of reality.
In this state, all limitations on one’s ability to help other living beings are removed.

It is said that there are countless beings who have attained Buddhahood.
Buddhas spontaneously, naturally and continuously perform activities to benefit all sentient beings.
However it is believed that sentient beings’ karmas limit the ability of the Buddhas to help them.
Thus, although Buddhas possess no limitation from their side on their ability to help others, sentient beings continue to experience suffering as a result of the limitations of their own former negative actions.

I took this picture last afternoon while I was visiting Bodh Gaya (बोधगया), in the Indian state of Bihar, the place of Gautama Buddha’s attainment of nirvana (Enlightenment) and where stands the International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony which will end the 10th of December .

“May you all be happy!”

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