On the Pursuit of Happiness

© All photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved.
Please do not use any photographs without permission (even for private use).
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I met those Tibetan monks in front of the Bodhi Tree which is behind the Mahabodhi Temple, the place of Gautama Buddha’s attainment of nirvana (Enlightenment), in Bodh Gaya (बोधगया), in the Indian state of Bihar.
It was during the International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony and I was sitting among many Buddhist monks coming from all over the world.
Those two guys who were chanting mantras kept my attention and with their eyes they allowed me to take a few pictures, later they even smiled at me.
I tried my best not to disturb and I stayed with them for a while, trying to catch a few “waves” of harmony, that longing harmony which I could feel so well in their pursuit of the realm of happiness…

oin the photographer at www.facebook.com/laurent.goldstein.photography

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