Suspended disbelief

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“The oldest living city in the world”.

Pritviraj and Vinod, during their training at the gym, at sunrise near Scindia Ghat along river Ganga in Varanasi (Benaras).

Pehlwani (Devanagari: पहलवानी, Urdu: پہلوانی), Kushti (Devanagari: कुश्ती, Urdu: کشتی), or modern Indian wrestling, is a synthesis of an indigenous Aryan / Hindu form of wrestling that dates back at least to the 5th century BC and a Persian form of wrestling brought into South Asia by the Mughals.

Massage is regarded an integral part of a pahalwan’s exercise regimen.
Ayurveda massage has two systems of treatment, one is to Pacify the aggravated Doshas by using proper natural herbs and minerals and second one is to purify the body, by “washing out” the increased Doshas from the body.
Oil massage is an important treatment in Ayurveda.
A massage that is part of the daily routine lasts for five to fifteen minutes.

But when it is performed for treating diseases it may take about 45 minutes.

During the treatment the patient is made to recline in seven standard positions.
This begins with the person seated in an upright position, supine or flat on the back, turning to the right side, supine again, turning to the left side, supine once again, and finally sitting as in the beginning.
Sometimes the position of lying face down is also adopted.
Panchakarma is a holistic rejuvenation therapy and is not just an oil massage, as it is widely believed.

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