Sawari (the passenger)

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“The oldest living city in the world”.

Pritviraj and Vinod, after their training at the gym, this morning at sunrise near Sankathi Ghat along river Ganga in Varanasi (Benaras).

In Indian wrestling, vyayam, or physical training, is meant to build strength and develop muscle bulk and flexibility. Exercises that employ the wrestler’s own bodyweight include the sun salutation, shirshasan, and the dand, which are also found in hatha yoga, as well as the bethak.
Sawari (the passenger) is the practice of using another person’s bodyweight to add resistance to such exercises.

Exercise regimens may also employ the following weight training devices:
The nal is a hollow stone cylinder with a handle inside.
The gar nals (literally “neck weights”) is a circular stone ring worn around the neck to add resistance to dands and bethaks.
The gada is a mace, as associated with Hanuman.
An exercise gada is a heavy round stone attached to the end of a meter-long bamboo stick.
Pahalwani trophies take the form of gadas made of silver and gold.

Exercise regimens may also include dhakulis, which involve twisting rotations; rope climbing; log pulling; and running.

Massage is regarded an integral part of a pahalwan’s exercise regimen.

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