Towards enlightenment


This is a picture of a man I saw at the Golden Temple of Armitsar last Friday.
The colours he is wearing reminds me the arrival of Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) in a few days.

More seriously I was also thinking that there are many similarities between the Sikhs and the ortodox Jews, and this not only because they both have to be covered in front of God ( Turbans, black hats), their uncut beards, the way they cover their holy book or the ceremonies in the temples, it is much more than this, maybe the world’s oldest religion and Sikhism one of the world’s youngest are connected by something deeper that I don’t know yet.

Sikh religious philosophy has roots in the religious traditions of northern India.
Sikhism is an attempt to harmonize two of the world’s greater religions, Hinduism and Islam.
It is the third major branch of Hinduism and was founded by a man named Nanak.
It also owes much to Islam.
The Sant Mat traditions are fundamental to the teachings of Sikhism’s founder, Nanak.
Especially important to the connection with Sikhism were the teachings of some of the saints such as Ravidas and Kabir.
Sikhism is also inspired by the emphasis on devotion to God in the traditions of Vaishnavism, especially through the Bhakti movement, as well as influences of Sufism.
However, Nanak’s teachings diverge significantly from Vaishnavism in their rejection of idol worship, the doctrine of divine incarnations and a strict emphasis on inward devotion; Sikhism is professed to be a more difficult personal pursuit than Bhakti.
The evolution of Nanak’s thoughts on the basis of his own experiences and study have also given Sikhism a distinctly unique feature.

The principal belief of Sikhism is faith in Vāhigurū—represented using the sacred symbol of ēk ōaṅkār, the Universal God.

It is amazing to see how we are all connected in this world, we all worship the same God whatever the name we call him and if we were more curious and respectful about each other maybe we could make this world a better place…

Merry Christmas to all of you.
Wishes of peace, shanti…

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