“Soul and body are all Yours”

%22Soul and body are all Yours%22

This picture was shot a few days ago in Armitsar which is in the state of Punjab in India.
This man was praying next to the Holy waters facing the Golden Temple, the holiest place in Sikhism, his faith and devotion touched me and was adding a kind of grace and beauty to the magical place which was surrounding me.

Ek On Kar
Sikhs believe there is only one God, who has infinite qualities and names.
He is the same for all religions.
God is the Creator,Sustainer and Destroyer.
All that you see around you is God’s creation.
He is everywhere, in everything. He is fearless and has no enemies.
Only God is without birth or death, and He has and will exist forever.
The following are quotations from the Guru Granth Sahib:
a). There is but one God:
•There is only the one Supreme Lord God; there is no other.
•Soul and body are all Yours. Whatever pleases You shall happen.
•Through the Perfect Guru, one becomes perfect. O Nanak, meditate on the True One.
b). God the Creator:
•He formed the planets, solar systems and nether regions, and brought what was hidden to manifestation.
•When He so willed, He created the world.
•Without any supporting power, He sustained the universe.

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