Pursuing salvation

Pursuing Salvation 30x30

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Nanak’s teachings are founded not on a final destination of heaven or hell, but on a spiritual union with God which results in salvation.
The chief obstacles to the attainment of salvation are social conflicts and an attachment to worldly pursuits, which commit men and women to an endless cycle of birth — a concept known as reincarnation.

This was shot before sunset at the Athsath Tirath, in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar (Punjab).
The leaves in the tree were making shadows on the people and on the marble platform.
I always enjoy to come to this place in order to watch the devotees, they seem to be connected to the Divine and their faith gives me strength and energy.
This is only a minor section of the architectural commune of Sri Harimander, but it abounds in as much sanctity.
It is said bathing once at the Athsath Tirath is as auspicious as the pilgrimage of the 68 holy places in India.
The Athsath Tirath is situated opposite the har Ki Paureey in the center of the eastern bank of the Amrit-sarovar.
It is said Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji, while supervising excavation of the tank, used to sit here.

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