A Cellist in the Street

A Cellist in the Street


It was in July, I was in Paris for a few days and on my way to meet some friends for a drink in a café when I saw this young lady who was playing cello among an orchestra which was performing at the place du Palais-Royal.
The neck of the cello was above her left shoulder and, as I was trying my new camera, I came as close as I could.
The cello is a sensual instrument providing soft vibrations, I can’t remember the music however I can’t forget that I was under the spell of the moment.
Later as she was leaving the place I went to show her my shots on my camera screen.

3 Responses to “A Cellist in the Street”

  1. unique angle
    gives a feel of the moment to the viewers as well!!!
    just curious, how did she react to your shots!!!

  2. designldg Says:

    Thank you Zahukko,
    This angle also allowed me to feel the music in an unexpected way.
    When I showed the shots in my camera to this young lady she was in rush and packing her cello, she bended in order to see my screen, I think she was shy, she smiled at me and said it was nice.
    I believe that it was an unusal situtation, maybe I should have asked her an Email to send her the pictures, it didn’t come to my mind I was still under the spell of the music and therefore in a kind of daydream.

  3. Jibbie Rose Reyes Says:

    Hello Sir!

    First of all, you take amazing photographs sir! I love all your photos here!
    But this, to me, is extraordinarily special – i’m a cellist too, you see! =)
    Sir, do you mind if i use this picture on my blog? Thank you Sir!

    All the best,

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