Until Wishes Are Fulfilled


A few days ago I took this picture inside Salim Chisti’s Mazar (tomb) which is in the middle of The Emperor’s Courtyard at Fatehpur Sikri in the sate of Uttar Pradesh (India).

It is believed that whatever one wishes there will gets definitely fulfilled by the will of Salim Chisti himself.
This lady and this young boy are following a ritual, tying a thread at the marble windows of this Dargah in order to fulfill their wishes.

Mostly childless women, particularly those without a male heir, still continue to pray on bended knees before his tomb.
Such is the power of legends.

Shaikh Salim Chisti (Urdu: شيخ سلیم چشتی ) was one of the famous Sufi saints of the Chishti Order during Mughal empire in South Asia.

Salim Chisti (1478-1572) was a greatly revered Sufi Mystic who, it was thought by many, could perform miracles.
The Mughal Emperor Akbar-e-Azam came to the holy man’s camp, deep in the desert, seeking a male heir to his throne.
Salim Chisti blessed Akbar, and soon the first of three sons was born to him.
He named his first son Salim (later emperor Jahangir) in honor of Salim Chisti and held the Sufi in such high regard that he had a great city Fatehpur Sikri built around the Sufi Saint’s camp.
His Mughal Court and Courtiers were then relocated here.

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