The never ending story of the Chai wallah

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“The oldest living city in the world”.
I took this picture a few hours ago near main ghat on the border of river Ganga in Varanasi (Benaras).
I was sitting on my favorite spot, a kind of platform which allows me to have a great view all over the Ganges in winter.
This Chai wallah was just in front of me and I took a few snaps.
He knew what I was doing and he tried to strick a few poses but I prefered this one where he looks natural while his mind was busy by some people who were dancing on a boat nearby.

Chai wallahs are everywhere in India, I believe it was like this since ever, they keep the stories of the streets and therefore they are the memory of the time which goes by…

Chai (Hindi: चाय, Urdu/Persian: چاى, ultimately from the Chinese word chá 茶) is the word for tea generally in Asia, North and East Africa and Eastern Europe.
Cognates in other languages include the Bengali chā, the Marathi chahā and the Tamil thaeneer.

In a typical South Asian household chai is prepared by boiling loose leaf tea in a pot with milk and water. Depending on personal preference, various spices and/or sweetener may also be added at this stage.
What many English speakers tend to think of as chai is, therefore, more strictly known as masala chai, (Hindi (मसाला चाय, “spiced tea”).

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