Shining, Unattached and Attributeless

Shining, Unattached and Attributeless


“Shining through all sense-attributes, entirely distinct from all the senses; unattached yet supporting all; attributeless yet sustaining attributes”.
(“The Yoga of Wisdom about Nature and Presiding Being” from the Upanishad of the Glorious Divine Lay, in the Gita)

Those women from South India are pilgrims who came to Varanasi (Benaras) in order to sacrifice their hair.
Along the holy waters of the Ganges men usualy shave their heads at the time of a bereavement but a few women and men also do it as a sign of devotion.
Such as those ladies who were among a group of people, they were happy, I could see joy in their eyes and many smiles whenever they were feeling and touching their new bold skin.
By chance I get such a composition with those two faces which are almost making one and those warm colours of holiness.

2 Responses to “Shining, Unattached and Attributeless”

  1. This is a beautiful image! I’m going to link to it from blog in order to share it with others. Really stunning!

  2. designldg Says:

    Thanl you Beth, you are very kind.
    Have a nice day.

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