Shaktî Shâlî

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“SHAKTĪ SHĀLĪ” is an aura of energized strength which characterizes an invigorated wrestler.

This was shot inside the little akhara (gymnasia) which is lost in the fields near Sakalhida, a village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
Those two pelhwans (Indian wrestlers) are having a break during their training.
They are standing in front of a window from which there was no colours yet as it was early in the morning before sunrise and at that time during winter we could still feel the heavy fog all around.

In India the wrestler’s fame is defined by the character which is fostered by strength with a majestic body and stamina, skill, experience, and, if educated and well read, for having knowledge and wisdom.
Pehlwans have humility and are well mannered.

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