Pyaar Hai (Say you love me)

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“pyaar to hona hii thaa
aa.nkho.n ke raaste dil me.n samaana
dil me.n samaake nii.nde.n uRaana

baRa sa.mbhaala tha mai.n ne ise
dil to khona hii thaa
pyaar to hona hii thaa…

It was destined to be love… [Love had to happen]
slipping in along the path of the eyes,
settling into the heart and stealing your sleep.
I did my best to protect it,
but I was destined to lose my heart.
Love was destined to happen…”

This song is from “PYAAR TO HONA HI THA” (Love had to happen), a famous Bollywood movie and I am adding it to this portrait of two water buffalos that I always see near Mansarowar Ghat, in Varanasi (Benaras).
They like to stay together and they come here to bath in river Ganga.
Maybe they knew in another life and they met again…
I like those animals, they are very sweet and they have great expressions that I like to catch.

According to Hindu mythology, the god of death Yama, rides on a water buffalo and we can oftenly see them on his statues and images.

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