Pain (Opus 2)

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“The oldest living city in the world”.
This picture was shot from a boat along river Ganga in Varanasi (Benaras).

This image kept on hunting me with the look of those men.
The obvious pain that this family was feeling kept on echoing in my mind, it was simply a remembrance of things I felt and went through many years ago.
Therefore it became clear that I should display this picture in this file which is revolving around the “Search of Lost Time” and that I could upload it on my websites in order to show what an Hindu bereavement is.

The man standing on the left is a priest and he is doing a pooja for the father of the family who is facing him.
The wife of the dead is sitting and we can see all the grief she has from the absence of expression that she is showing.
The two young men are brothers, they are the sons of the man who died and they have shaved their heads and kept a small tail on the back.
They are wearing a thread from their shoulder to their waist because they are brahmans.
They have probably finished their father’s cremation a few minutes before this moment.
There is a deep sorrow and an unbearing pain coming from their eyes.

This unusual image in my photostream is important to me, I really know and feel what those guys are going through, this is why I felt close to them and I shared their bereavement.
Words are useless here, all remains in their expressions.

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