A Spiritual Approach to Life


A Spiritual Approach to Life


I saw those two kids last afternoon as I was walking along the ghats of Varanasi (Benaras) along river Ganga.

The elder one has the haircut that a young Bramhan student usually wears.
It was the day before Dev Diwali and I believe that this is an important moment for them.

A few words based on the lectures by Sri Bimal Mohanty:
“Beyond comprehension, beyond description, of endless forms, epitome of auspiciousness, bliss eternal, immortal, the source of BramhA (who is the creator of all), with no beginning, no middle stage and no end, the one without a second, all pervasive, the consciousness and Ananda(bliss), the wonder of wonders. 
It appears almost as a desperate call from the soul: I can not fathom you at all, I can not see where you begin, where you end, where to look for you. You are beyond my mind.”

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