There is a Superstition

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“The oldest living city in the world”.

One early morning this lady came from far away to worship here, it was a Monday, Lord Shiva’s day and as Shiva is the God of the city I believe that it was an auspicious day for her.

I took this picture on a ghat along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras) just after that she took a deep in the holy waters.
A friend of hers was standing a few stairs underneath in order to help her to strech this pink sari.
They were washing many clothes.
By the amount of items which were drying under the sun, I understood that they were pilgrims who had a long journey.
I stayed at their side for a long while and they didn’t mind that I took many pictures.

This woman reminded me the “ageless” lady who is taking care of the place where I am living.
We never call her by her name because the respect we have for her doesn’t allow us to do it, so we call her “Sita’s ma” as her daughter’s name is Sita.
Once I was washing my laundry in the bathroom away from her eyes in order that she doesn’t feel bad that I wasn’t allowing her to do it.
Later when she saw my kurtas drying she became really mad at me because it was a Thursday and there is a superstiton in Benaras which doesn’t allow people to wash their clothes on Thursdays.
I didn’t know about this belief and the situation became a kind of drama in a supernatural dimension.
This happened a long time ago and ever since I asked people to explain me what could have been the reason behind it but no one really knows.
Now we have a washing machine and this problem is over…

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