Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

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“The oldest living city in the world”.

This is a picture of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University which is an institution of higher learning in Sanskrit allied areas and which is located in Benares (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh) in India.

I was surprised by the gothic style architecture of the building which is very unexepected here in Benaras.
I wanted to give a kind of vintage look to this image which suits this very quiet place, time seems to have stop here in the late 40’s.
It is maybe the only quiet place nearby the house where I am living there.

In the year 1791, during British rule in India Jonathan Duncan, Resident of Honourable East India Company proposed an establishment of Sanskrit College for development and preservation of Sanskrit Vangmaya and to show that English people are in favour of development of India people.
This was sanctioned by Governor General Lord Cornwallis. The first teacher of this Institution was Pandit Kashinath. Governor General sanctioned a budget of Rs. 20,000 per annum at that time.
The first principal of Government Sanskrit College was the famous Sanskrit Professor John Muir, ICS followed by Dr. J.R. Ballentien, Ralph T. H. Griffith, Dr. G. Thevo, Dr. Aurthor Venice, Sir Ganganath Jha, and Gopinath Kaviraj among others.

In 1857, this College Started Postgraduate teaching. Whereas the examination system was adopted in 1880.
In 1894 famous building of Saraswati Bhavan Granthalaya was built, where thousands of manuscript are preserved. These manuscripts are edited by the Principal of College and published in the form of book.
The series of these books are known as Sarasvati Bhavana Texts.
More than 400 books are published in this series.

After independence of India, in the year 1958 the effort of Sampurnanand changed the status of this institution from college to a Sanskrit University.
In the year 1974 its name was changed to Sampurnanand Sanskrit University.

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  1. very intersting plcae in varanasi

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