A Boschian Set

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“The oldest living city in the world”.

I took this picture as I was on a boat along river Ganga during last monsoon.

The waters were getting high.
I love to come here as soon as I am free from my work.
I believe that Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) would have love to come there if he could at his time.

“Hieronymous Bosch produced some of the most inventive fantasy paintings that have ever existed.
His obsessive and nightmarish vision has its antecedents in the Gothic twilight world of the late Middle Ages and in many paintings the colours he used, the sculptures he placed, the kind of cloth and jewels that his characteres are wearing and the buildings and temples look so much like what we can see on the ghats of Varanasi (Benaras).

He never came there and he might have never heard of it neither, however as far as I remember I felt a strong Boschian presence in the streets of the old Kashi and mostly along the ghats.

“Paradise and Hell” is the title of one of his painting, funny topic as this place on the picture is the closest one on earth to “Paradise and Hell”…it is near the cremation spot.

And if there was a link which is connecting everything, the past, the present and all of us…?

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